Emerging artist Tyrone Isaac-Stuart; a soloist, musician, conceptualist, collaborator and choreographer, is currently blending his skills as dancer and musician with the spoken word in a series of innovative dance theatre stories. He studied Jazz saxophone at Middlesex University and the University of New Orleans and developed further as a dancer while performing for East London’s finest; Boy Blue Entertainment. His current favoured dance styles are krump and experimental.

Tyrone is a compulsive researcher; partly because he enjoys it and is happy to investigate other artists and their approaches at a depth and breadth that serves his curiousity but also to fuel his need to understand techniques, directions and approaches and decide which might become tools that can be integrated into his own work. This has lead him to participate in development projects run by dance houses such as Sadler’s Wells (Back to the Lab), East London Dance (Cindy Claes; 1000 Pieces Puzzle, Hofesh Shechter: East Wall), Redbridge Drama Centre (Artists 4 Artists) and The Place (Resolution).

Tyrone regularly performs with Boy Blue Entertainment and Foreign Bodies Orchestra (Sean Graham) and has worked with artists such as Jonzi D, Soweto Kinch, Joseph Toonga and Botis Seva. . He has taught and performed in places as diverse as the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Kenya, France, Soweto and Brussels.